mindfulness training to achieve self-empowerment


Trauma Informed (with Mindfulness Solutions)

The disease of trauma is born in the rape of innocence, when someone experiences or causes great emotional or other physical harm to anyone and suffers through years of heinous abuse, their soul becomes heavy, their spirit erratic. What emerges is a survivor whose only means of surviving is to fight every moment of every day to stay alive and the behaviors that result from that should not be punished but seen as an opportunity to help relieve the suffering”

U.N.I.T.Y offers Trauma Informed Specific Services which are used to minimize the harm to trauma survivors who are struggling in recovery and still participating in unsafe potentially harmful activities and to relieve and/or reduce the symptoms stemming from past trauma. Most that have endured life shattering trauma episodes either recently or some time ago, understand such feelings:

  • • wondering if the participant will ever be happy again
  • • constantly worrying about the next bad thing happening
  • • feeling like there’s no one who can truly understand you and where you’re at
  • • aching to be able to sleep through the night without waking up crying
  • • wondering where will you get strength to move through another day

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Mindfulness Solutions

Mindfulness is a practice with the outcome being to improve the social and emotional worlds, while addressing the impact of the occurrence. Examples include: emotions, thoughts, behaviors, mindfulness (observing your mind) loss, addiction (of repeated exposure to violence), mindful grieving, relationships and beyond. Mindfulness is an attitude to address healthy coping skills and seeks to integrate mind, body and spirit. It’s also a way of life toward long-term wellness and recovery to address it at the core.

Our Mindfulness process will introduce innovative and appropriate engagement, interaction and time sensitive healing approaches that directly benefit trauma and restorative justice survivors in the moment of their crisis. We also shift the current paradigm of survivor restoration to restorative and self-empowering.