focused on accountability and healing


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Restorative Justice

To transform negative thinking and behaviors by utilizing accountability and healing as the main focus. Our Restorative Justices (RJ) design is a step-by-step program series intended to provide effective strategies to cope with the restoration of self, family, and community issues. The modules series are directed toward: a) empowering the individual to replace negative behavior with positive mindsets and actions, b) learn new holistic approaches to promote honest expression (accountability) and self-awareness.

Each program module engages participants in fruitful discussions on issues that are not sufficiently established with many other program designs:

1. Life experiences that have resulted in difficult outcomes
2. Connections between behavior and decision-making
3. Strategies to build and sustain a successful transitions
4. Build unity, foster spirit, and encourage well being

The outcome of the RJ Healing Circles component is to break down barriers that dehumanize individuals, establish personal responsibility, build unity and trust. These emotionally charged encounters break down barriers, create pathways for positive communication, foster healthy grieving, and facilitate healing and reconciliation.